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Borrow eBooks from your Local Library

Borrow eBooks from your Local Library

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eBooks provides a new way to experience reading. Take your library on-the-go and access your favorite books from anywhere.

What is Library Search?

With the Library Search, you can locate a Public Library near you (in the United States). Just like you would borrow a book from your public library, you can do so with an eBook.

Is Library Search free?

Browse, checkout and download eBooks for free. All you need is a library card and an Adobe account. Check with your library for more information.

Which are the File Format Guidelines?

When borrowing ePub + PDF files for App or Reader device, you may check out any combination of file formats as permitted by your local library.

In some readers you may not check out a combination of ePub + PDF files for your reader device. Please check out one file format at a time for the best reading experience.